Student Center Food Court

Logo Student Center Food Court, your one stop area to fulfill your hunger at all hours of the day. Start your day with a coffee and pastry at Starbucks, grab lunch at Panda Express or Taco Bell, enjoy pizza at Bene for dinner and on your way back home after class grab a late night snack at Grille Works. No matter what time of the day, we have you covered at the Student center.

Hours of Operation


Student Center Starbucks
Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 10pm
Friday: 7:30am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 11am-8pm

Mad Anthony's General Store
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 10:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am-10:30pm
Sunday: 11am-11:30pm

Taco Bell
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-11:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:30am - 10:30pm
Sunday: 11am - 9pm

Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-9pm
Friday: 10:30am-6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 11am-7pm

Panda Express
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-9pm
Friday: 10:30am - 3pm
Saturday: 10:30am-7pm
Sunday: Closed

Grille Works/Bene
Accepts Meal Exchange
Monday-Thursday: 9pm-2am
Friday-Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 9pm-12am

Please check back for Summer Hours

Student Center Food Court

5221 Gullen Mall Ste.
Detroit, MI 48202 US

Phone: (313) 577-2031

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5221 Gullen Mall Ste.
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-2031